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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kickstarter - Hawk the Hunter (Hawk the Slayer sequel)

Hawk the Slayer sequel? Check!

Original actor that shot the bow like a machine gun has a role in the sequel? Check!

Original director is back? Checkity check check!

$4.5 million of $5 million needed already raised from sources other than Kickstarter? Oh my yes check!

Less than $25k of the $500k still needed raised on Kickstarter with 8 days to go? Errr... Uhmmm... Ah shit...

Hawk the Hunter. Hawk the I'll Still be Looking for that Final $500k.

I have fond memories of the original which surprisingly don't match my rematching of the original...


  1. Well I'm in for the DVD. Hadn't heard about this, somehow...

  2. I Loved the original for the cheese. Horrible when I watched it again years later.


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