Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kickstarter - Small Dungeon Maps (Map Tiles for Your FtF Game)

I must say, even though I have absolutely no use for the product of the Small Dungeon Maps Kickstarter (I game via Roll20 these days, and moving virtual map pieces together is not my thing) the quality appears to be high and best of all - it's all print at home and play.

No shipping costs or delay.

Unlimited number of copies for the home user.

Extremely low buy in (first set is a mere 3 bucks)

If you use minis at home in your games this might just be for you.

It's already funded (it's goal was $90 Canadian) and is a low risk / high potential Kickstarter.

Heck, for 3 bucks (Canadian) I may just add to the tip jar myself.


  1. With the current devastating exchange rate, $3 CAN is basically free.

  2. it was what, a year or two ago we were above par?

  3. Thanks for the head's up...this looks awesome!

  4. I'm in! Thanks for the heads-up, +Erik Tenkar.

  5. I'm in. Thanks for the tip. Looks most excellent.


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