Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kickstarter - Far West - Where Progress is Moving Backwards

Last December (in the year of delayed Kickstarters 2014 - we need to count years with Far West) Gareth started laying out Chapter XII. Yes, layout. As in, it was written and it was done.

He has still laying out Chapter XII in February of this year.

Today we were told he is now working on laying out Chapter IX

Just how long does it take to layout a book?

Just how many chapters are laid out? He's not going in order so it's impossible to tell. Is Chapter XII truly done?

This was from the August 25th update, The 4th Year of Far West, Year 2015 Common era

So, Chapter XII is NOT done...


  1. Man, this is just gotten to the point of being comical now.

  2. I want to say something, but as ours was very late, I feel like I'm hardly in a position to cast stones. I hope we felt more consistent with dT&T. We tried to show continual progress and got all the other rewards done. The complete redo took far longer than we'd planned, so you have my apologies.

    1. Unless you are Nystul in disguise, I doubt yours even remotely counts as "late" when compared to Far West.

      Anyway, it's not the lateness so much as Skarka's laughable prevarications. I mean, the book was supposedly ready to go to press in 2011 (and 2012, and 2013, and 2014) and in 2015 he's still writing it. Who could believe this stuff?

  3. I hate to use the word "sucker" about backers of even the most wayward Kickstarter*, but I have to wonder about people who still support the guy at this point. He's changed his story so many times, his nickname should be "George Lucas Special Edition".

    * - I don't really hate it that much at all.

  4. Skarka's latest excuse makes "the dog ate my homework" look like a well-crafted tale of suspense and pathos.

    1. Plus it's actually possible for a dog to eat your homework. Skarka's stories aren't even possible given the numerous contradictory statements he has made.

    2. Thankfully, I'm only in for $10. GMS will never get another dime from me.


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