Thursday, July 9, 2015

White Star Goes Gold at RPGNow - Woot!

White Star is the 101st release at RPGNow to go Gold.

I didn't think this would happen until the print copy was ready (I've been told "very soon".)

Congrats to +James Spahn for the excellent work and +Jason Paul McCartan for the wonderful layout.

Well done lads, well done!

Time for me to get creative again ;)


  1. 1. What does it mean to be or go "gold"? 500,000 records sold?

    2. When is the actual book coming out?

    1. It means being in the top 0.25% of all paid selling items on the site. The actual book is out (because a digital book is still a real book) but if you mean the dead tree version, it's in process right now but will take a few weeks for proofs to get to us so they can be checked and approved for sale.

    2. "A digital book is a real book"

      Grow up

    3. Join the 21st century

      Seriously, my sister's novel is a best seller on Audible (audio is a digital format) as well as Kindle (another digital format) and the hardcover is releasing in softcover later this summer.

      I'll let her know that the checks she got for the Audible and Kindle sales were not for a "real book" in your expert opinion.

    4. Yeah I gotta agree here: digital is real. I've got over 500 books in my Amazon Kindle and another 300+ in my Nook, not to mention all the RPG books I buy, These days, buying paper is a statement, or a matter of lifestyle choice, with RPGs being the only exception for me....it's still easier to reference a physical book at the game table and less distracting not having a laptop or tablet open. That said, every time I read something on paper I get annoyed at the fact that I can't adjust the font to suit my needs (eyesight) or turn on a backlight to read.

  2. I eagerly await the print+PDF version.


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