Sunday, July 5, 2015

Time to "Overwhelm" The OSR ENnies Voting Box! Let's Roll the Vote!

The ENnies is all about stuffing the voting box (alright, maybe not. it IS about getting out the vote for certain products to ensure they get enough votes to win. All the finalists do it.)

No, Really. That's how you get some surprising winners.

Let's be the ones causing the surprises this year.

I'm calling for an all out effort to "overwhelm" the ENnies Voting Box with votes for OSR Finalists.

In the year that 5e is going to walk away with a ton of prizes simply because it's the latest flavor of Hasbro approved D&D Branding I think it's a great time to get the OSR organized and voting for classic gaming.

So, what votes do YOU need to make? Simply follow the Tenkar's Tavern List of OSR Endorsed Finalists for the 2015 ENnies:

(BTW, in the following categories, only vote for the OSR entries unless you are familiar with and value other entries in that category. You DO NOT need to pick all 5 and give them a value.)

Best Adventure:

  1 - A Red & Pleasant Land - I might find Zak S annoying and his non-gaming tangents distracting (to put it kindly) but Zak hit the bullseye with A Red & Pleasant Land. This should win based on quality alone. Let's make sure it does.

  2 - Horror on the Orient Express - Have you seen the box? I have it. I need to devote a solid week of vacation time to this to do it justice.

Best Aid / Accessory

  1 - Dungeonmorph Dice: Explorer Set - Inkwell Ideas is a huge supporter of the OSR. Back them with some support.

  2 - Black-green Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition RPG Dice Set - it's CoC

Best Cartography

  1 - The Guide to Glorantha - Glorantha. "nuff said.

Best Production Values

  1 - Horror on the Orient Express - simply amazing. it needs a bigger box ;)

  2 - The Guide to Glorantha - because it is Glorantha

Best Setting

  1 - A Red & Pleasant Land - read what I said above.

  2 - The Guide to Glorantha - read what I said above.

Best Writing

  1 -  A Red & Pleasant Land - ditto

Fans' Choice for Best Publisher - this one gets awkward, as everyone has their favorites. I'm not going to endorse any in particular, but I will give a list alphabetically of some OSR publishers. You can vote for up to 10.

Black Blade Publishing, Chaosium, D101 Games, Frog God Games, Goblinoid Games, Goodman Games, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Lesser Gnome Games, Mythmere Games, Purple Duck Games, Sine Nomine Publishing

If you haven't noticed, I listed 11 choices above. I will just identify my #1, which is Lesser Gnome Games ;)

Product of the Year

1 - A Red & Pleasant Land

2 - Horror on the Orient Express

3 - The Guide to Glorantha

There you have it. The Tenkar's Tavern List of OSR Endorsed Finalists for the 2015 ENnies.

Pass this on. Share this. Social media it. Argue about it. Just DO it.

This is an attempt to get more eyes on the OSR and the amazing releases that come from it than it is any particular product. 


  1. Vote the the "Tavern Puppies" slate!

  2. actually I hear Horror on the Orient Express is pretty lousy as adventures go

    1. It is described as one of the best modules you could ever read, but playing it is a different bag of cats.

  3. If I voted for A Red & Pleasant Land as a superior gaming product, I'd also have to vote for the author as being a complete and utter douche, based solely on my personal interactions with him. Is there a category for that?

  4. @veng I don't know about the ENnies, but I bet the Golden Globes have one :)

    1. Suffer the trials in hopes of obtaining the Golden Sphere of Doom! Thanks for the idea, Zach.

  5. Done. I broke ranks on the publishers though, including Steve Jackson and not voting past #6 or so.


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