Thursday, July 23, 2015

Seven Unique Magic Sword Attributes

Yep, still trying to squeeze in some creativity with the new work hours...

Alright, here's 7 Unique Magic Sword Attributes / Abilities:

1 - Wounds inflicted by the sword only heal for half when magical healing is used (spells, wands, potions, etc.) Non magical healing works as normal.

2 - Each consecutive miss against the same target adds a cumulative + 1 to hit until a successful hit is landed, at which point the bonus is reset. Note, the bonus to hit is also added to the damage roll if and when the successful hit is made.

3 - Swords Whistles While it Works - The whistling effect distracts nearby foes, resulting in a - 2 to their attack rolls (no save.) The resulting noise requires a random encounter check every third consecutive round the sword is wielded.

4 - Sword Crackles with Electrical Energy - Sword inflicts + 2 damage to foes wearing metal armosr and wielder's hair stands on end.

5 - Sword acts as Feather Fall Spell When Held - Due to lighter effective weight damage rolls are made at -1.

6 - Sword is Extremely Dense - -1 to hit rolls due to weird balance but + 2 to damage rolls due to extra weight.

7 - Sword Channels Negative Energy - Each successful hit by the sword on a foe causes a cumulative - 1 hit penalty for the foe. This penalty lessens at a rate of 1 per day


  1. Those are good, I will need to make a table for them.

  2. my opinion : #7 (neg energy) is a bit OP and can nerf a big-bad rather easily (making the big-bad swish every turn) and no drawback. Ideas : each hit removes, in order, -1toHit, -1AC, -1Saves, -1(anything else?) . Drawback idea: each hit remove 1 from the hit point total of the weilder, get them back 1 per day/rest/hour?

  3. I had an old villain whose schtick was a collection of unique magic swords. I shied away from defining the effects in concrete, mechanical terms. A few from his arsenal:

    - A sandstone blade that absorbs water and dessicates flesh
    - Himura's Justice (a strike from this sword passes through its target to strike whatever is behind it)
    - A sword that, upon killing someone, causes a huge eruption of blood from the wound that envelops the victim (either to suffocate/drown or to form a bloody gelatinous cube)
    - A sword that causes wounds to teem with vermin
    - A sword that can shape the earth with a swing (creating an earth wall or a rock spike)
    - A coral sword that allows you to breathe underwater
    - A sword that causes its target to change color with each strike
    - The Whichblade, which changes form with each swing
    - Bloodhunger, which allows the wielder to scry on the last creature struck by the blade (it had an eye-shaped jewel in the hilt like the Sword of Omens)
    - A sword that creates a magical chain bound wherever it strikes; a single strike leaves the chain attached to the basket hilt (allowing you to maintain tension) but a second strike could transfer the end from the hilt to another surface, leaving the foe bound to a wall or the ground


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