Sunday, July 19, 2015

What Historical Time Period Would You Like to Run / Play In?

I got my softcover of Dark Albion in the mail yesterday and I'm going to need to block out some time to give it proper attention.

It did get me thinking - what time periods of history would you like to run / play in a campaign? It could certainly be a "fantasized" version of the time period, but it would be recognizable for what it is.

Me, I'd like to run a "Dark Ages" based campaign at some point but drawing heavily on Celtic and Nordic myths.

So, what would be your choice?


  1. Norman England. Otherwise anywhere in Hundred Years War or War of the Roses.

    I like dark ages but without proper castles I think something is missing.

  2. Pre-Roman conquest Greater Celtica ca. 1,500 BCE. Make magic real, but rare, etc.

  3. 12th c./High Middle Ages ... Western Europe really starts to rock & roll with universities, Gothic architecture, the Hanseatic League. All the civ you want but plenty of chaos to go round.

  4. 25th Century ala Buck Rogers! Action, adventure, romance, dashing daring do, and technology, all wielded by an old fashioned hero! :D

  5. The eras that most interest me are late 16th century England (1580s and '90s), early Ireland (say, 1st century to 6th century or so, which is actually a range of periods), Three Kingdoms China, the Migration Era (aka "Dark Ages") in England and France, Nara and Heian Japan… can I say "Canal Mars à la Brackett and Moore"? I've been growing a deeper appreciation for Hundred Years War and War of the Roses eras, too.

  6. Pulp-era 20s and 30s has a certian mystique to me that I've never been able to game in.

  7. Colonial times, that's why I love Colonial Gothic. Still not ready to run a campaign yet but soooooon. A Cthulhu Invictus campaign would be fun too. I love anything Sherlock Holmes, so a mystery themed late 1800s England game would be nice. Achtung Cthulhu is really cool too, and I could definitely see myself hunting Nazis. 

  8. Right now im gaming vikings in rus am prepping with ww1 and rome
    If I wrote a historic game it would be ancient iraq
    I will get dark albion
    Im always trying to regain my gurps 3 ish ed history splatbooks
    luther aekwrighrt might be good in future

  9. Injecting elves and magic and what not seems to me to miss the point of playing in any historical setting. So I'd rather play in false histories like King Arthur or the Greek Age of Heroes or else leave out the fantasy junk.

  10. Currently I'm running a game set in 1550 (Current date is Friday, May 21). I'd also like to run a game set in Bronze Age Greece as a sort of "second heroic age." As far as having elves and magic and whatnot in a "historical" setting, the point for me of using a historical setting is to provide a ready context for the players (as well as make a lot of the worldbuilding work vastly simpler, since Earth 1550 already exists and is cataloged online). Elves and orcs and goblins and such exist in places where human habitation at the time is less than 1 human per square mile. Which is a lot of the earth back then.

  11. As a GURPS player for most of the 1990s, I got to play in all kinds of historical settings -- Norman England and the Golden Age of Piracy being the longest-running campaigns, but also Old West, ancient Rome, modern, and probably a lot of others that were one-shots. We never got around to doing super heroes in ancient Greece but it always sounded like a good idea.
    For D&D, I'd be most likely to run a Vikings type setting (my prior campaigns usually incorporated some viking stuff anyway), though I'm envisioning trying a high middle ages campaign soon: less magic in civilized areas, a powerful Church, and historically themed adventuring -- crusading, pilgrimage, and so on.


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