Thursday, July 16, 2015

How the Hell Did I Miss Shane Runkle's Blog Interview of Ken Whitman? (there are some classic statements)

Sometimes you wonder what someone is thinking. I've often wondered that about Ken Whitman and his serial Kickstarters.

Well, wonder now more!

Back in June, Shane Runkle did an interview of Ken Whitman on Shane's blog. I'm just going to post one small piece. Give Shane the traffic and read the rest on his blog.


  1. Wow, only $1,200/month? Dude's practically a monk

    1. Depends where you live. I couldn't live on that here in San Diego. Wouldn't even pay rent and food.

    2. True, and I did consider that before commenting. Cost of living differences just amuse me. Those working part-time at the federal minimum wage would probably read that and think he's a bastard

  2. I feel sorry for the people who backed pencils whose money is going to pay for the movies. And of course for the people who backed the movies.

  3. The KoDT:LAS folks noticed this........the topic came up frequently at Origins.

  4. $14K a year is well below the poverty line. Only sounds like the appropriate emphasis.

  5. The going opinion was that a) Ken figured it was free money and he didn't actually have to produce and b) the majority, if not all, of the 1st Kickstarter's money was spent within the 1st month, and not on the KoDT: LAS

  6. "Monthly expenses" is very vague. If he means he's expensing $1200 a month that may or may not be reasonable....I probably expense that month every month at work but I travel a lot and purchase supplies for an office of 12, so I am downright frugal at times. If he claims he's only paying himself a salary of $1200 that sounds unlikely....most places these days that barely makes rent. So I don't really know what he's spending that money on.

  7. Oh oh, I backed the Cthulhu Dice Tower! It's supposed to ship out in July, so we'll see if this kickstarter is on time.



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