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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lulu 30% Off Coupon Through July 20th

Alternate Cover

I caught this in my G+ stream last night so I figured I'd share it with The Tavern's Community. Lulu has a coupon through July 20th, 2015 for 30% off of print books. Thats no small discount.

The example I saw being used on G+ was Dark Albion in Hardcover. Normally $36.66, it's currently 20% off, bringing it down to $29.24. Using the code BIGJULY brings the price down to $20.47 for a 280+ page book. Not too shabby at all.

Not that I NEED more RPG books, but I'm open to some suggestions for the Lulu sale. Make your suggestions below :)


  1. Odd. BIGJULY isn't working for me. "The code you entered is not valid"

  2. Not working for me either? No good in Canada? I wanted to order a pile of stuff!!!

  3. I just received my Dark Albion book today, and it's gorgeous! I can't wait to devour it!

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