Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WTF Kickstarter -The Ancient Game of SeraQetra

My God! You NEED to watch this video!

Holy shit!

Whatever he's taking, I want some ;)

Here's part of the transcript:
I am BRUCE ALMIGHTY and I am here to talk to you about the Ancient Game of SeraQerta. That's right, the Ancient Game of SeraQerta. 
Over 30 years ago, my business partner Jerry Campbell showed me a map drawn on a zebra's skin, where an ancient game was buried. We followed the map and unearthed the ancient game but, unfortunately, could not bring it with us.  
Shortly after returning, my business partnership with Jerry Campbell ended. He was selling drugs! We went our separate ways and I moved to California. 
A few years later, I got a call from a detective who told me that Jerry Campbell died. Tragically, on November 13, 1990 Jerry was murdered in his apartment in Salt Lake City, Utah. Shot once in the head. His murder has never been solved.
It just gets better from there.

Watch the video. It's some of the most entertaining 2 1/2 minutes you'll ever watch :)

Tip of the hat to +Jim White !


  1. lol. And no, I don't use that abbreviation if it's not true...
    Maybe someone should steal this video (or just the idea) for a future CoC module/campaign... ;)

  2. Looks like Chinese Checkers with chess pieces to me.

    It was funny watching not only his eyes but his whole head go back and forth as he read the cue cards.

  3. I wonder if it's actual crazy or a deadpan joke.

  4. Think I might use him as inspiration for... something.

  5. Okay, I have to do a video like that for my next Kickstarter. I've got costumes...

  6. He had another Kickstarter, some book he had written.The best part is the reward for the $5,000 level: "After the book is complete, I will travel to your city and present a special reading session of the book to the patron and a selected group of friends (I will request an additional contribution to cover 50% of airfare and accommodation expenses)."

    Can you just imagine him doing a reading from his book in your living room?

  7. This page mentions the dead dude Jerry Campbell... Apparently that part of the story is legit... Does that make the map legit as well?


  8. Maybe he was hanging out with these fellow Kickstarters...


  9. He strikes me as being an ancestor of Star Trek's Harry Mudd

  10. Holy crap on a crap cracker! We HAVE to get that guy and Ken Whitman together. They could split the $40K and go on a cruise with it together. Looks like their the about the same size... they could even share holy robes...

  11. Hell, I got more out of that video than I have out of some Kickstarters I funded.

  12. Hell, I got more out of that video than I have out of some Kickstarters I funded.


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