Thursday, July 16, 2015

Knights of the Dinner Table Episode #1 (Somehow I missed this)

It's actually not half bad.

Of course, if you read the comments on the Knights of the Dinner Table Live Action Kickstarter page, you get this insightful piece from none other than Jolly himself:

Gee. Ken Whitman blew through all the funding? But he has six Kickstarters to fulfill. Say it isn't so!

Serial Kickstarter Projects should be curtailed by Kickstarter itself. Oh, that's right, they don't have a review process anymore.

Carry on. Nothing to see but more Nystulain Madness.


  1. You're right, that wasn't half-bad. Sara seemed a bit stiff.

  2. And people tell me that I am a bad fan for refusing to back crowdfund projects. No, I'm smart and I refuse to risk money.

  3. Haven't watched the video yet. Just wanted to comment on the KS review process. It's back (assuming it was a thing in the very early days - I wasn't keeping tabs until a couple years ago). I had to go through a three-day waiting period while KS reviewed my latest project.

    1. It did exist in the early days (well, within the first year). They even assigned you somebody to help out. I helped run a Kickstarter in 2010, a year after they were founded. I suspect the early process didn't scale well, as they grew very quickly after that.

  4. Watched the video. It's cool. Really captured the feel of KotDT.


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