Sunday, July 12, 2015

DCC Does NOT Stand for "Disney Crawl Classics"

We had WAY too much fun playing DCC RPG last night. Who was we? +Jason Paul McCartan in the driver's seat and +Craig Brasco (that's his art above), +Keith J Davies , +David B and myself (with +David Przybyla as an observer of sorts for the first bit.)

Some highlights of the funnel?

Craig's Jester taking a trap of nails to the face. Down for the count but survive the "rolling over the body" bit. Decided to leave the three nails right where they were, which didn't help much in the bar but boy was it entertaining.

David B's Solicitor and her "elven falcon" pet, which just had to be a vulture. My God but her non stop mouth was a running joke.

My Test Pilot, who didn't accomplish much but kill a charging dog with his pistol (generated using the Purple Planet PC Generator at Purple Sorcerer's website). When the Solicitor complained that the Test Pilot killed the dog for doing nothing, he turned to her with his gun pointed at her head and remarked "Yep, I killed the dog for doing nothing. Think about that."

There's a crapload more but the laughing was so contagious the details are hazy. Probably the most fun I've had in a single game session in years.


  1. But "Disney Crawl Classics" _does_ need to happen.

    Also, you got the elves mixed up. I'm pretty sure the elven solicitor was one of David's other characters. This one majors in... something useless, I'm sure.

  2. Aye, there was an Elven barrister and the Elven Falconer, who were two different characters. the lawyer was constantly quoting from the Elf Book of Law, particularly about things relating to Lembas Bread, while she ... well, she just talked constantly about everything.

    1. The _Book of Elven Unified Code_, as I recall.

    2. It was indeed called that. I couldn't remember the exact name at the time.

      And now I'm laughing all over again.

  3. This is not my blog, but it was a fun read. He ran a DCC RPG 0-level funnel using Disney characters...for his kids!



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