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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Free OSR "Kitchen Sink" - From The Vats (Free RPG Day Alternative Picks - Post VI)

As is my usual, I try to find some free RPGs in PDF to highlight for folks that don't have a FLGS participating in Free RPG Day. Or maybe you're like me and just not all that impressed with this years offerings.

I literally just refreshed my RPGNow homepage, saw for the first time and have just downloaded From the Vats.

Holy crap, but there is a lot of old school goodness crammed in here:
54 pages of community-created, bio-sorcery weirdness. 
One full adventure: The Submerged Spire of Sarpedon the Shaper, by Ben Laurence.
Two one-page adventures by Alex Schröder and Anders Hedenbjörk Lager.
25 new monsters.
7 new magic items.
6 new spells.
Even some art by my friend +Jim Magnusson

The price is right. This sucker is free. You know you want it.


  1. Sweet! Was just wondering when this was going to go live. I contributed a few critters and my wife added a couple of illustrations.

  2. Thanks for putting the word out Erik!

  3. I haven't read through "Vats" yet, but Theorems & Thaumaturgy (which also contains bio-sorcery material) by the same author is one of the best, most useful OSR products I've come across. His concept of the Vivmancer as being the anthesis of the Necromancer -- yet equally sinister! -- came to me as a bit of a revelation. Being a huge fan of Matt Finch's "Sinister Shroom" module, it made instant sense to me, and I gleefully retrofitted the Shroom to be a Vivimancer in my campaign.

    1. Oops, I guess "by the same author" was off the mark, given that this is community-created material. But it's clearly meant to harmonize with T&T, so I'm quite looking forward to reading it.


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