Thursday, June 25, 2015

Big Bang - Small Packages - Miniaturized Items in RPGs

So, my mother was going through some of my grandmother's stuff and she found this one shot firearm that was worn like a charm. My grandmother got it in Tahiti back around 1914 or so on her honeymoon. There was also an article about a cop removing this from a drunk driver who had worn it around his neck, cocked. Cop shot himself in his finger. Ouch!

It got me thinking - what could still work miniaturized in D&D? Wands are the most obvious choice. Wear one around your neck and no one would be the wiser until you broke it out and mini-fireballed someone's ass. Or mini magic missiled. Actually, the effect does not have to be miniaturized in D&D, just the item itself, although a DM could easily rule either way.

Miniaturized potions could be held between cheek and gum, ready to be bit down on much like a spy's poison pill, but this could hold a healing potion or invisibility.

Maybe a magical 1" long crossbow still fires a bolt that does full damage.

Or maybe it's just 4 pints speaking to me. Or is it thru me ;)


  1. I like the wee potion of healing idea. In games where reaching 0 hit points means death or incapacitation, a quick bite on the healing pill could restore a vital 1 hit point to allow a PC the ability to slink away.

  2. They had one of these little pop guns on an episode of Pawn Stars, if I remember it right. Not worth a whole lot, they are apparently still being made. As far as miniature items go, extremely small creatures, like Pixies, need something to use. Pixies have their bows, for example.

  3. That's a great idea, although I find it hard to not keep going back to the person wearing the mini gun cocked around their neck and then the poor officer shooting himself with it. And although I'm sure it was not funny for the officer (Who I hope was not injured majorly), Damn that's a funny image. It's like something you'd see in a movie


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