Saturday, May 23, 2015

Prepping for NTRPG Con - Printing the Far Away Land Quickstart Booklets

North Texas RPG Con kicks off in less than 2 weeks and like others, I have found it is time to get ready. I'll be running a session of Far Away Land off the grid, probably in the hotel bar. Time and day still need to be nailed down.

I just installed my Brother Laser Printer and it does an excellent job printing in booklet form. I'll have about 8 copies or so of the quickstart for my players to refer to during the game.

All I need now is a long arm stapler and I could start publishing zines...

Nope ;)


  1. I think its awesome that your wife lets you go with her to NTRPG Con :) You arrive Wednesday or Thursday?

  2. Looking forward to saying hello to you, Erik. Love the blog!


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