Monday, May 18, 2015

Petty Gods: Revised and Expanded is Here - Free in PDF and at Cost in Print

I have seen Petty Gods, and it is good. Really. I got my advance copy of the PDF last night and holy shit it rocks.

396 pages cover to cover. I want this in hard cover for my bookshelf ;)

It's available in three ways:

First - Free Petty Gods PDF. As in "air" and "freedom" and all that jazz. Ignore what RPGNow says about there being a watermark - there ain't none. Believe me, I checked.

Second - At Cost Petty Gods in Premium Soft Cover - $13.22 - Did I mention the PDF has 396 pages cover to cover? Huge book.

Third - At Cost Petty Gods in Casewrap Hardback - $22.47 - no idea what the heck "casewrap" means, but it must be good.

While your at Lulu, you may as well add the Old School Adventures™ Accessory CC1: Creature Compendium for $7.99. An excellent value and it's keeper than paying for shipping twice ;)

Or find some more goodies at Lulu. Buy 4 and get the one of lowest cost for free. Code: TRGE15


  1. There are two ways to do a hardcover book: casewrap and cloth. In a cloth book, the boards are covered with cloth (duh) and typically the book has a dust jacket. In a casewrap book, the boards are covered with printed paper. So all the AD&D hardcovers were casewrap, while the first editions of many novels are cloth. Lulu's casewraps tend to use a higher gloss paper that is popular nowadays.

  2. Ok, added those two. What else should I get? I'm up to NOD 21. I'll add a couple of those. What else?

  3. Wow, an awesome achievement. Kudos to the creators!

  4. This PDF is freaking sweet. Considering the sheer amount of material you get, the idea that it's free is ludicrous...but I'm grateful nonetheless.

  5. More of my art seeing the light of day! YES!

  6. i hear nice things about creature compendium.

  7. Wow, I had forgotten about this. It's great to see my entry in there, and they did a great job of polishing it up too. And to the artist, Eugene Jaworski if he sees this, the picture for Malnor is fantastic! Really grabs that "Get back in ranks before I beat you for insubordination!" feel.

  8. Be sure to get the hardcover, it's a thing of beauty. Amazing job by Richard LeBlanc.


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