Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kickstarter - The Zine Vault (White Boxed sized Boxes for your Zines)

I have too many zines. This isn't a bad thing (and I've got a few I need to review) but finding the ones I have is often similar to an Easter Egg Hunt - they are squirreled away between game books on my shelves and other places.

Earlier tonight +Tim Shorts pointed me towards The Zine Vault Kickstarter. My first response was "why would I need this?" After thinking for a minute it became "how the fuck have I survived without this?"

So yeah, I'll be getting 8 boxes, which if I can track down all of my zines probably still won't be enough. It should cut down on the Easter Egg Hunt tho'.



    I'm fairly sure it'll be offered post-KS as well, but I don't know how many will be made.

  2. I'll use this for Classic Traveller supplements too.

    1. I was just thinking that, as well as my OD&D booklets that have no box

  3. I will definitely back this, but I want old-school module-sized boxes, too!

  4. There's been a good amount of chat about different sized boxes, so we're going to keep that in mind for the future. After we've fulfilled on this one, we could come back with a much larger box, or even multiple sized boxes to fit different needs.

    For now, we're going to focus on the scope of this Kickstarter, since it's our first.

    Thanks for the interest!

  5. I was thinking about this too, as I have a ton of DCC 'zines. But 40 bucks for 8 boxes and another 18 bucks for shipping? Not sure that's worth it for some cardboard boxes with art on it.

  6. Shipping was the part I had the most trouble with. The boxes need to go across country through the USPS and arrive at the other end without damage. They're tough boxes, but they still need to be in a box. The last thing I want is for a set of boxes to show up on the doorstep soaked and crumpled.

    I completely understand a person weighing the cost/benefits, but you won't find them anywhere else, and you won't find anything off the shelf that works as well (or looks as good) as these do.

    I guess it comes down to how much use you think you'll get from them.

  7. Oh, and we added the free print version of the adventure The Vault of Pasha Kalthraga at that level, so it's not 'just' the boxes.

    1. Oh, Carl... shut up and take my money. ;-)

  8. "Too many zines", shame on you Tenkar. Shame on you.



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