Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Myth & Magic Player's Guide Kickstarter - Still Shoveling Sh!t After Nine Months of Silence

Are you still waiting on delivery of your Myth & Magic Player's Guide? If so, you may be the victim of nefarious forces located within the US Postal Service. Seriously:
I just wanted to post an update, albeit terribly overdue (Hey folks. Grumpy here. Let me just state for the record, 9 months isn't "terribly overdue", it's "stick you head in a hole like an ostrich overdue"), to let you know things are back on track as of January 19th, the day I was able to secure some loan money and earmark personal funds to complete the GMG project and to ensure that all orders are fulfilled. It was senseless to update you during the process of securing the funds (because an update instead of 9 months of silence would be... senseless), since it was a total roller coaster and I had no idea what to expect. 
Player's Guide Domestic Shipping: I shipped all domestic orders via priority mail (emphasis mine) and although only a few came back to me, most show a confirmed delivery and some do not. I want to make sure that everyone receives their books. (not one comment to this update indicates a book received.)
If you did not receive your PG order, something happened (or didn't happen - most likely, Tom didn't mail shit). Either I did not have your correct address or something else got screwed up. I just set up a new email address to ensure I have your most up-to-date information. If you did not get your book(s), please send me your name, backer level and updated address. Use the following email: imfullofshit@wasteddreams.doh

Here's a telling comment to this update:
I'll be blunt - I do not believe you when you say you have shipped the domestic orders, because SURELY someone would have made mention of this fact (given that it would have been quite from the blue). 
I personally have received nothing, and I'm pretty sure that the same address information that worked for a KS that funded and delivered within the last year was what you got, given that I haven't moved in a decade. 
I'd love to be proved wrong on this, but I believe that this update is more owing to my repeatedly contacting KS Support about the GMG project not delivering ANYTHING and them then contacting you as opposed to any progress being actually made.
Because we all know Tom is a font of honesty (Update from December 5th, 2013)
I have a lot of returned mailings to send out (or un-mailed mailings - returned from "storage" perhaps), mostly wrong addresses, some mailings that slipped through the cracks, and a lot of international mailings. Everything will get done by or right after the holidays. The list grows and of course so too does everything else in my life at this time of year. I generally take a week right after the holidays to decompress so that will provide me the time necessary to punch it out.
Do I believe in Tom's honesty and integrity? Not after he posted my shipping info in the comments of the project for all to see. I had to complain to Kickstarter, and they promptly removed it. Why did he do such? Because Tom didn't appreciate me calling him on his shit.

BTW, I do have my copy. I may sign it and donate it to the NTRPGCon Midnite Auction. I know they got stiffed on the books themselves.

Want more perspective on this? +Jason Paul McCartan over at OSRToday makes some excellent observations.


  1. Wow. What the fuck is wrong with this guy?

  2. I contacted Tom when Mischief, Inc. opened its doors in an attempt to cross-promote. He seemed like a nice guy. I considered backing one or the other of the Kickstarters that was still active. I'm glad I didn't at this point, but I feel it is so unfortunate that the project didn't really materialize. Tom had some good ideas to refresh and update 2nd Edition. I think the finished game might have stood a chance of being the best retro-clone out there. Such a shame.

  3. I can confirm that I got *some* books (not all) from the Players KS. Nothing from the GMG to date.

    I'm even in the same state and offered to pick up my books to save on shipping

  4. Can I ask why no one ever just calls their credit card companies and ask for their money back? Most cards will pull your funds back YEARS later for non delivery.


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