Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Frog God is Offering 15% Off at Their Site Through Feb 15th

You can go to the Frog God website here> Frog God


  1. Eric, have there always been third-party ads on your blog or am I seeing something new?

    1. Will, I started with the Adsense ad box about 2 to 3 weeks ago. You are the first to comment ;)

      It's an experiment of sorts.

      Around this time next year, I should be a happily retired civil servant. The Tavern will need to support itself - contests and giveaways aren't free (although donors bear a huge part of the burden.)

      Time itself will tell if Adsense is even worth the bother. I need further metrics, and that will take a few months.

  2. The email I received had a different four-digit code at the end, I wonder what that does for them?

  3. Mine was 10%, I guess they don't love me as much.

  4. I'm pretty sure these are not public coupons, but tailored for previous customers and probably tied to how much money you've spent.

  5. +Joe Naylor, in online marketing using different coupon codes is a way to track campaigns and how successful they are. There might be one code for email marketing while they might send out another one for blogs (or specific blogs) to use.

  6. I respectfully declined the FGG discount offer and paid full price for a worthy (albeit small) selection of offerings at their site. The offer drove me there, though. Good Marketing and exposure. "Tenkar Sent Me". Hop. Hop.



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