Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wayward Kickstarter - Creatures CG (I'm Having a WTF Moment)

Lets see, what can we say about the Creatures CG?

It's "an RPG style Card Game for 2-4 players"

That's it.

No sample art, sample text or hints at game play.

No rough layout of the cards.

A whole lot of nothing.

Even better, the rewards allow you to name creatures to be included in the set but doesn't include a level where the actual game is a reward.

I'm guessing 75 creatures or so for the deck, but that is only based on backer levels

Even better, Chris H's previous failed Kickstarter? A Chocolate Cookbook where you could submit an ingredient with a 5 dollar pledge. His goal? 2k - he raised 5 bucks. I'm guessing the ingredient suggested was a whole lot of nothing...

Hat tip to +Keith J Davies


  1. $750 to get all the art for a card game? He's either delusional or an idiot.

  2. Yeah, I'd never believe this crap. If the rules are written up, you should give a sample to convince people you can write a game.

  3. I'll take door number three: I don't believe anyone could be that stupid. I have a much easier time imagining the kickstarter was launched by someone either trying to prove the credulousness of kickstarter backers (to win an argument, or perhaps for personal satisfaction) or simply out to gull as many people as possible (maybe the project "lead" needs a new console, or his car needs new brakes). A putative game that gestures vaguely toward genres, offers no rules, text, setting, art, or design specifics, from a completely untested source? A notional game does not even broach, much less discuss, how the project is to be completed, and offers no mechanism for people to receive it in the unlikely event that it does materialize? That is the province of a grifter, not a game designer.

  4. Wow...blank white cards!

    One assumes this is a put-on.


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