Friday, July 4, 2014

Thinking of making My Next Campaign a S&W / 5e Mongrelization ;)

There's a lot to like in 5e, judging from the Basic Rule Set I downloaded and mostly read yesterday, but I don't think I'd want to run it. Swords & Wizardry is a system I can run virtually without referring to the rulebook. There's enough changes in 5e for me to lose that advantage. Still, there are pieces of 5e to easily steal borrow.

I like the idea of spells prepared being different from the spell slots for casting. It gives wizards some flexibility while still keeping away from spell points and the like.

I like that spell effectiveness is separated from character level and instead attached to spell level slot used. Want to cast a fireball with more d6's? Use a 4th or 5th level spell slot to cast it.

I like making sneak attach more effective than Old School BTB. If your target is engaged by another, you can get a sneak attack. Simple.

The second wind stuff would work well in a Swords &v Sorcery type setting without clerics or other healing magic. In a standard D&D fantasy setting, it seems to me to make the PCs way overpowered, but YMMV.

Just some basic thoughts. Theres other stuff that doesn't fit was well for me (skills and such), but I dont need that when making my S&W D&D Mongrel ;)


  1. I to am looking at borrowing a lot from this system. I like how it handled backgrounds. I love the trinkets idea (blatant mcgruffins!). I loved the spell system. But mostly? I love character creation. With no familiarity, I was able to whip out six first level characters in an hour (two fighters, two wizards, a cleric and a thief). I appreciate fast character creation. I don't want to spend the first game session building my character (3rd ed, 4th ed style). I want to just play. I'm waiting for a game to judge the combat mechanics - but from a VERY quick overview? I think they are fairly straight forward.

    I'm withholding judgement on the second wind, martial attributes, and all that jazz for now.

  2. With the holiday going on, I haven't had time to read it in depth yet. But, like you, I may end up borrowing elements for my existing game (BX). Still not sure if I will eventually run an actual 5e campaign though.

  3. My Pirates campaign doesn't have clerics per se. No cure spells, except for relatively rare potions. The second wind mechanic might work.


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