Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mini Review - The Tomb of the Sea Kings (Adventure Levels 5+)

I'm going to say this right from the start - don't expect to use The Tomb of the Sea Kings in an ongoing campaign without major reworking and rewriting. It is NOT campaign friendly and failure to complete the adventure can lead to "death my a 20th level mage." No, not kidding.

That being said, as a one-shot or convention module, I think it could be aces. Sure, it's a funhouse dungeon, but that works well outside of the usual campaign type of setting / structure.

Lots of potential stat loss, stat gain, level loss, infinite pits, doors to "somewhere", naked characters - like I said, funhouse. A funhouse can be lots of fun in the right set up, which is why I see The Tomb of the Sea Kings as a fun choice for convention play with pregens, and much less fun plugged into the average campaign without a shitload of work. YMMV of course.

All that being said, there are bits and pieces I could readily steal for campaign play.

These were printed via Lulu (I grabbed my copy at NTRPG Con), but I don't think you can find it online.


  1. Hold on...this is for levels 5 and up, and there's a 20th level mage in it? WTF?

    Also, Google keeps eating my gorram comments...

  2. Tim Kask's convention adventure had a 22nd level lich in an adventure for level 7-9 characters. That's metal.

  3. Hey here's a cool adventure, ohh but no information on where to buy? help a brother out.

    1. I suspect you'll need to find it at a convention or via other means. Couldnt find it online. Sorry bro ;)

    2. It looks like the only way to buy it is in print at a convention.

  4. Sorry guys this was only sold at the con (along with the digest versions of Austin Jimm's OSR rules, which you CAN find online as a free download, unlike the adventure). We sold out of every copy we hade (30?) in less than an hour...amazing! I will pass on the info to Lawson and Jimm and maybe they can get copies of both up on Lulu. If nothing else, we'll try to have more copies available at NTRPG con #7.


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