Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On Vacation STOP Working on Secret Project STOP Going to Swim at Lake First DONT STOP

I'm away from the city for a few days as well as away from work. It's an amazing thing, this thing they call "The Country."

In any case, I need to tie of a few last end of "The Secret Project" which should be officially announced in a week or two.

I also need to read. A lot. As if I were away from cable and the internet, but I'm not. Still, I'll pretend and make it so ;)


  1. Have fun, some folks claim I live in the country but heck the one restaurant in town and the one store don't close till 9PM and you don't have to worry about hitting the chickens on main street anymore since their owners fixed the chicken coup.

  2. Yay, reviews. Look forward to you, um, wrestling with more.:-)


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