Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Scratching My Head Kickstarter - fantasy rpg travel starter set tabletop miniatures sci-fi (urh?)

First off, the title is all fucked up. Heck, it isn't even a proper title and it probably isn't an accurate description.

fantasy rpg travel starter set tabletop miniatures sci-fi

right... and the first stretch goal is... poly dice.

a proper RPG "Starter Whatever" is dice, notepaper, graph paper (maybe) and a pencil. All else is frills.
Travelling for gaming events can be tough (especially for dms) when you're lugging around all your gaming gear, me and my wife have had this problem where we never have anyway of carrying our gaming boards so we came up with a fabric scroll board its an a2 size print like the one in the picture it folds or rolls up and fits into my pocket. this very quickly developed into me wanting to make simple affordable starter sets that fit nicely into a travel package so whether you are a new player or you've been playing rpgs from the start you can get everything you need to play in one simple easy to transport package! with this kickstarter i hope to be able to get more designs for my maps with themed collections and get them manufactured on a larger scale + water proofing i would also like to improve the quality a great deal for a long lasting product.
Now, it says UK for the project, but the fucker must be from Germany, as those are some disjointed run on sentences. Oh, and capitalization wouldn't hurt either.

God, my head hurts. Make it stop. Please.

Oh, and what exactly is "map dice"?

Right. I'm am far from the grammar police, but there needs to be a summary arrest and possibly painful sentence handed down. Now. Where's Judge Dredd when you need him?


  1. Judge Xaaon responding. Citizen your use of improper grammar is disconcerting to your fellow citizens. I sentence you to 2 years in the Iso-cubes with a Grammar bot.

  2. Because I steampunk in this description see not, believe I that this a valuable demographic is missing, it might be.

  3. I wonder how long the two "redshirts" will last?

  4. So... this KS is for, um, some felt and stretch goals? Oh, and what the hell do you need lab time for to produce any of these products?

  5. Respectful American Businessman,

    I am Nigerian Prince Rogers Chamberlain and I wish to invest in your Beatific Expenditure...

  6. im almost wanting to back it for £2 so im able to leave comments in backers section that ramble on for days at a time like sentences from on the road by jack kerouac who is writer for those who dont know his work its very good and they should read it and im looking forward to present day and science fiction maps too not just fantasy setting materials.

  7. Is that actually a picture from the KS? Looks like my minis bits box dumped on a two year olds dungeon map.

  8. Dude, most of those minis are from Hero Quest.
    (No, not the Glorantha thing, this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wC2QJa8olUk)

  9. gawd this is horrible, it looks like herosquest! but shittier! and the poly dice look bunk worse than the shitty ones I got with the basic set

  10. My mate recently investigated having the oversized Ogre map printed on cloth for easy transport to cons. All the prices he got were very expensive, then he hit on the genius idea of having it printed on a 5XL t-shirt for a fifth of the price. Worked a treat.

  11. This is awesome. Not only was the actually kickstarter a hilarious read, but all of the comments here made it even better. Awesome job guys! ;-)

  12. I just checked the KS page for this and the message at the top reads, "Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator about 2 hours ago."

  13. I thought those doors were tombstones!


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