Wednesday, July 30, 2014

North Texas RPG Con 2015 Early Registration Ends Tomorrow - July 31st

Early registration for NTRPG Con 2015 ends tomorrow, so your chance to save 10 bucks on the four days of the convention is running out after tomorrow. For me it's a savings of 20 bucks, as it's me and my wife.

I'm going to be there next June and so should you.

I will be organizing a Tenkar's Tavern / Tavern Radio gathering at the hotel bar at the next NTRPG Con, probably on Thursday Night. I'll buy the first round for up to 2 dozen blog readers / podcast listeners. It's the least I can do - and I'll make sure and shave this time too ;)


  1. You're buying booze for this crowd? Damn man....

    This year we have the ENTIRE hotel, including the atrium, so no loads of corporate types milling around and singing drunken karaoke on Wed night for those who get there early for the "Pre-Con Get It On". And as always we'll have commandered the best spots in the bar during all open hours...

  2. You should be at U-Con in November for the OSR track as well.

  3. Thanks for reminding me I need to sign up for a table again.

  4. I demand you not listen to your inner civilized self and sport the facial hair. Makes you look more authentic :) I will, of course, be there...which should save you a couple bucks as I do not drink :)


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