Friday, August 1, 2014

Flash Giveaway - Crawl! #10 in Print Anywhere in the World - Four Hours Only!

In my excitement upon learning of the release of issue #10 of Crawl!, I forgot that I already had an active subscription with +Dak Ultimak .

What to do?


Dak and I have decided to give it away - and Dak will ship it anywhere in the world.

I'm going to open this up for 4 hours only (I'm rounding up - cut off will be 915 PM NYC Time 8/1/14) - comment here, on G+ or the DCC RPG Community over at G+ - and yes, you can enter all 3 ways.

When the 4 hours are up, I'll randomly pull a winner from all that that comment.

If you've been wondering if Crawl! is right for you this may just put a free copy in your hands.

Shit, I love doing this stuff ;)


  1. yes please - go nicely with Purple Planet Kickstarter methinks!

  2. Good Luck to all, I must admit I am curious about Crawl.

  3. Count me among the interested, too, please.

  4. Great work, boss...fingers crossed for a win!

  5. always intrested in some nice reading! :)

  6. Nice job! Crawl is one of my favorites.

  7. And we love it when you do this stuff!

  8. Sounds like a great contest. I'm in!

  9. Oh I'm very interested! Love the crawl zine.


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