Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bundle of Holding Brings Back Stars Without Number Bundle

Bundle of Holding has brought back the Stars Without Number bundle from last October.

If you are looking for an OSR based scifi RPG, THIS is the way to go. It is an excellent system.

If you pay beyond the average, you also get get Other Dust - a post apoc RPG using the same core system. Think Gamma World for modern sensibilities.

The expanded bundle includes Engines of Babylon, which isn't available anywhere else (and should be linked to your account if you got this bundle back in October.)


  1. I would be ecstatic if I didn't already own it all......sigh

  2. Just a heads up for folks who have everything already except the new product (like me):

    Engines of Babylon will be available in PDF/Print next month.

  3. Thanks for that info. I got it now. So now I know when something gets added it is just put in there. No flag or mention. I have not read a lot of it but not sure I would notice the addition with so much stuff.


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