Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kickstarter - Lost City of Barakus - In Hand

I received my hard cover copy of The Lost City of Barakus yesterday
- and it was estimated to arrive in August, so it is early and one heck of a birthday present. My Barakus. My... precious.

How's that for another Kickstarter miracle?

I liked the old 3x version that I picked up in my "reading but not playing days" and the S&W version has that beat hands down. The Lost City of Barakus is more than just a mega dungeon - there is enough of a setting presented to play this as a sandbox with multiple points of interest.

I am sorely tempted to run this after my summer hiatus away from DMing for the regular group.

It's 40 bucks over at the Frog God web store, and that really is a bargain - especially as the HC includes the PDF for instant gratification ;)


  1. Out of curiosity, how different is it from the other versions? Just mechanical changes or is there additional content?

  2. Charles, let me see if I can get one of the other Frogs to answer that question over here. I know that there's original content, but I'm not sure how much, in terms of a percentage.

  3. I can't wait for it to become available for the rest of us, it's still out of stock on the Frog God store.

  4. There's a mention of "The Lost Lands: Region of Hawkmoon" or some such . . . .
    I'm anxious for more.

    Now if I could only have a regular group to play with . . . .

  5. Here's what Bill answered off the top of his head, and Skeeter is going to look at the file itself.

    "New linkages to lost lands, added dungeon level and several new wilderness areas. Maybe 20 percent new(?)"

  6. Does it have a new wilderness map? I did not like the one in the 3.5 version (which gave me a 32 session, 2-year campaign BTW!).

  7. For some reason I find it more fun to get something from a Kickstarter or a print-on-demand site than from any other source. I have no idea why.

  8. Charles-
    Sorry for the delay, Im having some computer issues at the moment. I will get you the information tonight, because I think that's valuable info to have! Sorry agin, info soon!


  9. OK, finally-
    its an add of 9,500 words, 5 new wilderness locations, and a couple references to breakfast meat that are quite interesting. This may ruin bacon for everyone. In addition to the other area tie-ins, there are updated maps, 142 pages on the S&W side (add 30 for PF).

    Anything specific I can try and answer for you?


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