Monday, April 7, 2014

Gamer's Man Cave in the Works - With Props to My Wife

In the midst of everything else going on, we've been having renovations at the Tenkar Abode for a few weeks now. The final part of the major projects (at least for now) was the closet being build behind my back - literally. It's behind me when I'm sitting at my computer desk.

Now, the closet literally holds a crap ton of clothes - we have a high clothing bar and a low clothing bar inside. We have cubbies on the left side and two large cubbies above. I asked what we were doing with the two large cubbies and I was told "use it to display your boxed games - so when you are online gaming or interviewing you can look the part".

And yes, 90% of the plush is mine... heh

I'm only partway done with filling in the cubbies, but what a joy it is :)


  1. That is sweet. My wife is nuts about closets and about my gaming clutter, so I can totally relate. Plus, they look awesome, man. Cherry?

    1. cherry-ish - we had our contractor mix up a custom stain to complement the flooring

  2. I'm assuming the 'Props to your Wife' are the cute, cuddly things? LOL

    Looking good, Erik!

    1. 90% of the cuddly things are mine ;)

      there is a beholder and a Cthulhu - heh

  3. I'm slightly disturbed that you have a Dot stuffed animal up there...

    I'm more disturbed that I know who Dot is...

    1. All three siblings, marvin the martian and his dog, yogi, boo boo and mr forest ranger sir and others ;)


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