Sunday, April 6, 2014

OSR Superstar Round Two Reminder - We Need Your Monsters by Friday, April 11th at the Stroke of Midnight

Last day for the first round winners to get their monsters in for the second round of the OSR Superstar Competition is Friday, April 11th. edit:  moving it to Sunday, 1159 pm eastern time - the beauty of a 4 day weekend ;)

Swords & Wizardry is the default ruleset.

The email address to submit to is the same as before.

First round prizes will got out as soon as OBS's site stabilizes. I'd hate for the credit (and the Crypts & Things Bundle) to get buggered.

Top 7 Round One placers

The 34 others that made the cut

email for the above to enter is at osrDOTsuperstar at that gmail thing

edit - this round is only 1 entry per qualifier - so we should see 41 entries if I recall correctly ;)


  1. Sorry if I've missed it but were the names announced who are receiving the credits,&c.?

    Also, for my own peace of mind will you please restate the email address?

    Thanks much,

  2. Fired mine off too. Kinda pleased with it.

  3. For those of us who made it past the first round and will be submitting monsters - would it be acceptable to submit minor revisions to our magical items form part one at the same time? I have one section of mine that was unfortunately not as clear as I'd like and another drawer that needs a slight change.

    If that is acceptable, how would you prefer our edits?

    I'm not seeking any kind of rejudging, just want to get the best item I can into the competition. Thanks either way!

    Danny Cline

  4. Is that Friday at midnight as in the end of Friday night, or the very beginning of Friday morning (Thursday night)?

    1. moving it to Sunday, 1159 pm eastern time - the beauty of a 4 day weekend ;)


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