Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saga of the Splintered Realm Kickstarter - Less Than 12 Hours to Go (Funded)

Yep, the Splintered Realm Kickstarter is the one I'm writing up a mini-level (or three) for.

Yes, the man who harps on late Kickstarters is actually going to participate in one.

There really is no potential "upside" for me - but think of all the potential drama! ;)


  1. I'm fully expecting you to fall years behind on this, then disappear entire from the blogosphere. Then, someone we've hardly heard of yet will continue to give updates on your lack of emails regarding the progress of your portion, as they grow their own blog to epic proportions, at which point he will participate in a Kickstarter, fall woefully behind on it, at which point a new blogger will emerge, and a new one after that. This will all happen by next week (a strange time anomaly will allow the passage of years within a few days). So it is written. So it shall be.

  2. I've already written a few post starters to warm up....

    "Dear backers. I write to you today with a heavy heart..."

    "Friends of the Splintered Realm. It is with great sadness that I come to you today..."

    "Okay, all. It's time to be real..."

    "I've avoided this for a long time, but I have to give you full disclosure on the ugliness behind the scenes..."

    That should keep me good for at least a year.


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