Monday, April 7, 2014

Bundle of Delta Green is Here to Haunt You

Yep, i have the Delta Green book. Probably the best book for CoC or most any RPG.

The current Bundle of Holding got me to dig my copy out, and then put money down for the PDFs.

Just doing my small part to fuck up the OBS servers ;)

(sent the first 7 prizes out via RPGNow to the top 7 first round winners. Will hopefully start with the rest of the first round winners tomorrow - Wednesday the latest)


  1. She IS however, pleased that renovations in HER room are complete ;)

  2. Let me know how Delta Green is.. I just started as Keeper for a CoC game.. nice break from fantasy..

  3. The original Delta Green book was wonderful; the second, Countdown, basically was Pagan saying "Yeah? If you think that was awesome, how about we just add some hot sauce and then you can see what awesome really looks like."

  4. Received and spent the certificate; thank you!


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