Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Of Blogger and G+ and the Piss Poor Mish-Mash of the Two

I'm an active blog poster. I probably post on average three to four times a day over here at The Tavern. Each of these posts also get shared on G+, and I guess I'm fairly active over there too. Heck, as of today over 4,000 fine folks have included me in their circles. I'm flattered.

My experiment of trying out the use of G+ for comments in Blogger lasted a few hours. It prevented those without G+ accounts from commenting, which I thought was pretty damn limiting as many of my blog readers and commenters aren't active on G+.

So, the communities overlap to a large extent, but the blog and G+ are also a bit separate.

Now, I posted a comment on a Blogger blog yesterday that had G+ integrated into the comments section, and it turned my comment into a publicly shared post by me on G+, which lost much of the context of the comment as the blog was linked to, but not quoted from by G+. I wasn't looking to fan any flames, but to get the original poster's thoughts on a specific question.

My comment basically started it's own thread, which was not my intention.

Looks like I'll be avoiding commenting on blogs that have G+ integrated in their comments section until Google figures this shit out.


  1. Good to know. I turned on G+ comments for about as long as you did. Glad I've kept them turned off.

  2. My problem with it is that my every comment effectively shares the original post on my own G+ feed, which is *not* what I want it to do.

  3. I love that Blogger lets you share your posts to plus.

    I hate that you can't do that if you schedule your posts in advance, like I do.

  4. I would very much be surprised if G+ comments were optional, say, a year from now.

    They've been pretty unsubtle about transitioning everything they can into G+.

    1. Unless they make the integration usuable with non-g+ users and work at the myriad other kinks, I'll have to migrate to a different blogging network if that comes to pass

    2. I grabbed the wordpress.com name for my blog already, just in case I need to switch. Not just because of the G+ stuff, also because Google is starting to creep me out a little in general. Sad but true. So +1 from me as well.

  5. Oh heck, it didn't even occur to me that non-G+ users can't comment (though that seems obvious in hindsight). Off I go to change some blog settings...

  6. Thanks for revealing this Erik! I would never have figured that out. Consider Google+ turned off on Genius Loci.

  7. yeah, my intention yesterday was not to kick at the hornet's nest, but damn i stirred up some highly opinionated people who didnt bother to read the linked post that I was directing my question at.

    I like G+ and I love blogging, but the two mix as well as oil and vinegar at the moment.

    No more commenting on blog posts that comment to G+ for me


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