Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Call For Submissions to the Unofficial OSR Zine

I've got vacation time coming up from the real job. I'm off the first week of July and the week that covers the end of July / first week of August. I'd like to devote much of that time to reviewing / editing submissions to the Unofficial OSR zine.

What are we looking for? Monsters, adventures, spells, magic items, classes, house rules, design thoughts, series of articles, whatever the fuck is on your mind that your think others might want to read and is OSR related.

In all seriousness, this zine should belong to the OSR community and as such needs to be written by the community. If all you wantred to read was my thoughts, this blog would suffice.

The plan is to cover all of the OSR games out there, dependent of course on the articles submitted. Can't publish articles for AS&SH or LotFP Weird Fantasy and the like if no one submits them. Some articles may be "generic" OSR, some may be more system specific. Some may be multi-system stated. Depends on the submission.

The Unofficial OSR Zine pays in "beer money" - either thru RPGNow credit or Paypal. "Beer Money" is $5 per accepted article or piece of art. Grumpy Dwarf (that's us / me / whatever) gets the rights to publish your work in the PDF issue it's initially published in until the end of civilization, and the right to publish it in a print on demand collection of the PDFs in question. You keep the copyright. You can republish it as you will.

We are also offering free 1/4 page ads for any and all OSR zines out there, in print or PDF. This is a community project, at least from my POV, and giving back to the community is the least I can do.

Want to know where the RPGNow affiliate credit this blog earns goes when it isn't given away in some random contest? It will be going to pay the "beer money" for this zine until it breaks even.

Send inquiries, ideas, submissions, threats to tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom. Put "zine" or some such shit in the subject heading.

Oh, and for those that are inquiring about submitting articles for OSG (Old School Games) send me an email and we'll figure out if it fits.


  1. revising my 'scenario design' series now...

  2. I will see if I can get something together. Maybe a 1 page dungeon of weirdness or something.

  3. Very cool. I would love to submit something. Will you be selling ad space at all?

  4. I am very interested to see what you come you come up with.

  5. I'd be glad to throw some of my 10th Age stuff in there, if there's room in an OSR publication for stuff that sits on bones of AD&D 2e.

  6. I'm interested in doing some art.

    I don't have many samples of my B/W RPG art online, but a company I did some art for posted a few online. Here are a few samples:





  7. Hey Erik, would you be interested in a short story set in a Swords & Wizardry campaign? Or are stories not really what you're looking for right now?

    1. Rusty, always happy to print good fantasy fiction. send away :)


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