Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tenkar's Tankard - A Swords & Wizardry Magic Item

Tenkar's Tankard is a rare magic item made specifically for the dwarf known as Tenkar Calishun. Tenkar was looking for an item both practical and martial in nature, and the Wizard Rathman crafted him his own enchanted tankards. There are two known to be in existance, and only one of those two is currently accounted for.

For practical purposes, Tenkar's Tankard always holds 25 oz of cold pilsner beer. Even if turned upside down or while striking an orc over the head not a drop will spill. It will, however, easily fill a dwarf's beard with foam and suds while always maintaining a full tankard of beer.

When used as a weapon, Tenkar's Tankard is treated as a + 2 mace. The wielder may freely imbibe between striking blows.


  1. That is pretty awesome. Where did you get it made? Cafe Press?

    1. i believe so - it was right around the time of the October Hurricane, so I'll need to check, as I was checking out a couple of sites back then ;)


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