Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy Weekend - Little Accomplished on the RPG Side

Sure, I got some short blog posts up - which were squeezed in when "Uncle Duties" would allow. My niece was over Saturday and Sunday, as my sister is finishing edits on the novel she sold (yay!) and needed some time to write and not be "the mother". Shannon thinks "Uncle" is awesome, which actually is awesome but oh so tiring...

My niece is 2 1/2. My son is nearly 20. I forgot how little free time there is when you fill the parental role for young ones. I think I need a vacation ;)

In any case, I'm hoping to get the interview I mentioned last week up tonight or tomorrow. It's with Richard Iorio II from Rogue Games and I think it came out pretty well. Rich is a nice guy with a lot of stuff on his plate and it's impressive to watch him keep the balls in motion.

I also have some work on one of my own projects that's overdue, but thankfully the little that I still owe should hopefully be an easy update... knock on wood


  1. We've got 5 under 10 so far. I sometimes wonder why we're always exhausted. LOL!

  2. So are you saying we'll get our free time back, even only a little - we've got a 3 year old and a 1 year old... when will this happen?

    1. once school starts, you get back mid mornings and afternoons - but you'll be working anyway and will never notice.

      junior high and high school they get better at entertaining themselves, but then you start worrying about how they are entertaining themselves.

      my sis has my parents and my wife and i 30 minutes away - we try to give sis and her husband a date night once a month or so ;)

    2. You sort of get some of that time back unless you homeschool, which we do.

      But the highlights of my day are leaving the office, going home, and teaching my kids Latin before reading them bedtime stories. And I get to play games (D&D, board, card, etc.) with them and sneak extra schooling in there. :)

      No relatives nearby (deliberate choice) so my wife and I have largely forgotten what "date night" is like. :D


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