Monday, April 29, 2013

ENWorld Removes the Major Catch from the "Design an RPG" Contest Win a $1000 Prize

Thanks to Callin to pointing this out and props to Morrus for making the changes:
The catch? I (as in EN World) get to own and [try to] sell your game if you win (if I don't publish it, I'll simply return it to you). That's how I - hopefully - make my $1000 back... I may well also approach some of those who didn't win with an eye to publishing their game, but no promises!
So, you only give up the rights to your work of you win the thousand bucks, not just by entering (win or lose, you were giving up the rights to your entry before). That's not half bad at all. Contest runs through May 5th, British odd time ;)

Original post on this by me is here.

Link to the article on ENWorld is here.

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