Friday, March 1, 2013

Some Dwimmermount Rewards Are Shipping - Labyrinth Lord HCs and ACKS

Labyrinth Lord rulebooks (both Core and AEC) as well as the Adventurer Conqueror King System rulebook were offered as rewards during the Dwimmermount Kickstarter. The publishers of these products have taken it upon themselves to ship these out now, and not wait on the unknown progress of the rest of the Kickstarter, which I think is an excellent way to provide customer service.

From Dan Proctor, writer / publisher of LL:

"For those interested, I just want to confirm that all hard cover copies of Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion that were ordered through the Dwimmermount Kickstarter shipped today. The PDFs were delivered several months ago. I also want to make sure people know that James Maliszewski did in fact pay me for all of the orders. I asked him to deliver the money for this long back, well before his personal difficulties arose, because I wanted to ensure that I would be able to deliver the books in case anything unforeseen happened. At the time it seemed unlikely there would be any snags, but I was sort of looking ahead in a paranoid fashion I guess, and we now know that snags did in fact arise. Although I have every confidence James will eventually complete and deliver Dwimmermount, it is now clear that Dwimmermount may not be fulfilled for some time. In light of this, I want to take care of my supporters and customers by fulfilling this one component of the Kickstarter that I have control over. I did take some hit due to unforeseen shipping expenses associated with this, but I did not take an overall loss. That's why even though some customers very generously offered to pay for the additional shipping, I have declined those offers. As a supporter of Dwimmermount myself I know many people already have a lot of money invested in the project."(I did the bolding to point out what a stand up guy Dan is)

As for ACKS, from Tavis' update on 2/22 on Dwimmermount:

A number of backers added to their Dwimmermount pledges to receive copies of the two rules systems the mega-dungeon is written for, Labyrinth Lord (and its Advanced Edition Companion) and the Adventurer Conqueror King System (and its ACKS Player's Companion). Those who pledged for the PDF versions of these books should already have received their copies. Email support@autarch.co if you didn't receive them and I'll help resolve it for you.

Our original plan was to combine shipping on the print copies with the Dwimmermount hardcovers, but Dan Proctor at Goblinoid Games and us at Autarch have decided to go ahead and send our books separately at no additional charge to the backers. I believe everyone who pledged for the print copies has now been sent an email confirming their shipping address, and that the LL books are on their way. I sent Game Salute the addresses for the ACKS books earlier this week but haven't gotten confirmation that they are in the mail; I'll reply to the individual email threads as soon as I have more information.

(Update from 3/1 via G+ from Tavis Allison)

I don't have confirmation yet from Game Salute that the ACKS books have shipped - their warehouse guy has been out sick - but we're doing the same thing (and taking the same hit).


  1. Stand-up bloke, that Dan! Also very wise on the 'paranoia'.

  2. Goblinoid Games is one of the few outfits out there that seems to be making all the right decisions. From how he produces and prices his material and offering free no art pdf's to how he handles issues like this. You can bet people will remember this when it comes time to make a decision about purchasing one of his products versus some one elses. I know I will.


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