Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bloodbowl Sunday - Organized Sports in Your Fantasy Worlds

I have the first edition of Games Workshop's Bloodbowl. I'm not sure we ever played a game to completion, as the rules were suitably confusing in the way of most Games Workshop's first editions were back in the 80's. Still the concept was awesome in so many ways.

I always wanted to find a way to integrate a Bloodbowl like game into a D&D campaign, even if it was just winging it with combat rolls, but I never found a way to work it into an active campaign. I think I feared that the players would regard it as, well, if not silly, certainly far out of the realm of normality.

I no longer think it's a silly idea. I think it's a damn awesome idea. All I need to do is work out a one-sheet of rules / regulations and then find a way to throw my party smack dab in the middle of it.

Anyone ever work a Bloodbowl type game into their fantasy campaigns? If so, how did it play out?


  1. Trollball Trollball Trollball! Required for troll-oriented Glorantha campaigns. Now it's even a LARP! Sorry site is in French but you know how weird Runequest fans are....


  2. PCs captured and forced to fight in bloodsport against other slave-teams/elite guards. Vaguely aztec themed. Suddenly not silly!

  3. I've often toyed with running a WFRP campaign in which the player-characters are part of a travelling Blood Bowl team.

  4. In Warhammer Fantasy, the characters got involved in playing a little Snotball in Middenheim. You take a snotling (tiny goblin) wrapped in leather straps--that's the ball. And you kick the holy shit out of the other team.

    One of the PCs got into the game, then found out about the actual damage dealt, and said "hang on, I could die?" Yep. It's a rough sport.

    During the height of Pie Week in Middenheim, an Anticipated Event was the match between the Southgate Slammers and the guard team; the roughest slum in the city and the corrupt city guard team of the toughest bastards in the guard. Whoever won, the pain was incredible. And you were guaranteed some fantasy soccer hooligan action and rioting after the game. =) The PCs were hired on as extra security.

  5. I thought there already was a spectator sport in these cases: jousting tournaments. Add in magical competition and you have a lovely little blood sport.

  6. As a suggestion maybe take a look at the book MYTH Directions by Robert Asprin. The whole series is a fun read but in that particular book they play "The Big Game" which might be something you can use to help flesh out your idea.

  7. I think if I did something like this that it would have a more Olympic / Roman Colosseum feel to it. It IS an interesting idea to ponder however. I may have to make a YouTube video about this. :) I'll link to this blog post if I do.


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