Monday, February 4, 2013

Butt Kicking For Goodness! Slip Sliding Away...

The projects that were long in the tooth? Generally speaking, little progress is being made in many of them.

Far West - 2 Backers Portraits were completed over the course of the last 4 updates. 4 chapters of the book still aren't completed, which means layout isn't done and incidental art is still needed. 13 months past estimated delivery date.

Dwimmermount - currently dead in the water. Backers were encouraged to put their own stamp on the current pre-release PDF of Dwimmermount and exchange such with other backers in the Dwimmermount Community. Each week that goes by without hearing directly from James makes it less likely that this project will actually get completed in my opinion. Silence certainly is not golden.

King for a Day - The PDF was finally released yesterday. At 5 months late, that's almost on time for an RPG Kickstarter.

Myth & Magic Player's Guide - PDF was released but the Hardcover, which was due back in August, still has no indication when it will be released.

Quantum Roleplaying Game - The "beta" is now being rewritten fairly extensively for the "final" version. This project was due in April of 2012. Last fall's Kickstarter add-on for this project (which thankfully never funded) would have been due this month. Imagine how long we would have had to wait for both of these projects if it hand funded.

Appendix N Adventure Toolkits - from the Feb 2 update: "Third - shipping your modules. I have tested out trying to ship just one or two of these modules at a time (which was my original plan back when I thought only 100-150 people at most would support this kickstarter). I have discovered that unless I put $1.50 worth of packaging around each module, the chances of them getting bent or damaged during shipment are pretty good. I do have tons of nice shipping boxes already on hand, so I have decided to ship as many of these modules to you at once as possible. I hate to put off shipping until the first of March, but I would rather have folks fuss about a delay than see hundreds of images of damaged modules emailed to me or posted online. " (just a reminder, these products were supposed to start shipping in July 2012)

Spears of the Dawn RPG - dead tree copies are expected to ship this week - a month EARLY. WTF? You mean it CAN be done?


  1. I really wish I'd back Spears of the Dawn now. I'll definitely be on board for whatever they do next.

  2. Almost on time for an rpgs kickstarter ! Classic!

  3. Almost on time for an rpgs kickstarter ! Classic!

  4. I swear there must be a Postage Fate Fairy, some people are blessed and others are cursed. I can send a package in christmas paper and it gets through undamaged, other people use 2 layers of bubble wrap and an internal box and it gets damaged.


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