Saturday, February 9, 2013

Red Tide Sourcebook for LL in Hand - Now I Need to Strip It

At the end of January I ordered the Red Tide sourcebook by Sine Nomine Publishing. I already had it in PDF, but sometimes you just want something you can hold.

I find myself wanting to use some of the "Site Tags" in Rappan Athuk's "The Gut", as you know there are devious little quasi villages that have popped up along (or just off) the main routes. Come to think of it, an underground ruin would work vert nicely too.

God, I really like the seeds I find in this book.

Time to plot a few out for the current campaign.

And strip wall paper. And paint. And wall paper. Yes, that has nothing to do with gaming.


  1. I've been thinking about Red Tide for a while - I like the tools in SWN but I rarely do any sci-fi gaming. How tied to the setting are the sandbox tools?

  2. the sandbox elements look was enough to use on their own

  3. I bought Red Tide when I first learned about sandbox settings just for the tools in the back. It was worth it.


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