Wednesday, July 25, 2012

AD&D Reprints - Will It Lead to an AD&D Revival?

On Monday I picked up the AD&D Player's Handbook reprint, completing my collection of the core 3 AD&D books. Damn they are purty!

My original AD&D books have taken a beating. During summer time we would play almost 7 days a week. To be young again, free of responsibilities with unlimited time game.

So, with the release of the AD&D reprints (which I'm willing to guess have been a sales success) do you think there is going to be a resurgence of AD&D gaming going on? I'm not expecting it to come close to the numbers that the latest flavors of D&D / Pathfinder are hitting, but I suspect it could find itself in a very large niche inside the OSR and without.

Lack of PDFs might hold things back a bit (is WotC the only major publisher of RPGs that is afraid that PDFs might lead to cooties and the raping and pillaging of WotC trademarks and copyrights?). I might be an old timer, but i like a PDF to go along with my dead tree books.


  1. If they released the classic modules in PDF (how hard could that be? I could probably manage it.) they could maybe get a mini-revival going. But there's the cost, it's pretty high for a 'been there done that' experience.

    My FLGS has had them in for a week and they still have large stacks of them, especially the DMG. I wonder if a lot of buyers are picking up the PHB out of nostalgia, but not the DMG as they aren't planning on actually running it.

  2. Check out the error on the hit dice for the Dwarf entry.

  3. Check out the error on the hit dice for the Dwarf entry.

  4. This is what I said just the other day on OSR forum.

    "With 5th edtion incorporating all edtions, they had to re-release 1st edtion. Why, because putting out a product that has rules, monster stats, charts and so on that you can no longer get make your new product useless. It would be like all dice company's are now going to stop making the 8-sided dice, but WoTC will still put out books that incorporate the use of a 8-sided dice."

    I think if they reprint any of the 1st edtion adventures or books, they will be in 5th edtion to boost the sells of their "new" product.

  5. Re PDFs - I recently found out that the reason that there are no PDFs of the new Advanced Fighting Fantasy books, or the reprints of Out of the Pit and Titan, was because Steve Jackson (UK) and Ian Livingstone made that a condition of the licence. I don't know why, though.

    Also, Games Workshop never did PDFs, but is that changing?

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