Saturday, July 28, 2012

Would Rifts By Any Other System Smell as Sweet?

Mix a little Stars Without Numbers: Core with some Labyrinth Lord. Stir in a bit of Other Dust. Use a future, alternate Earth for the setting. Season to taste.

What do you get? Hopefully a balanced, comprehendible alternative to Rifts.

This is going to be a side project of sorts, more for my own amusement than anything else, so Kevin and his Glitterboy hit team have nothing to worry about, even though I will be posting much of the results on this blog as I get to them.

It's more of a borrowing of the core concept than any of the story lines and such. Which makes sense, as I haven't bought a Rifts book in over 15 years ;)


  1. I keep finding my "Walkabout" project straying ever so close to the setting of Rifts. I guess it's inevitable since they are both post apocalyptic science fantasy settings, but sometimes I feel like I have to actively work to make a different game, and other times I just want to run with the gonzo.

  2. Please do share what you work up, I've actually thought the very same thing!! : )


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