Monday, February 20, 2012

What Do You Consider Yourself - A DM or a Player?

I wish I had a cool looking screen like this
I do have the cool looking booklets tho' ;)
I ask, because even though I was out of active gaming for a number of years AND when I did return it was as a player, I still consider myself a DM first and foremost.

In my old groups, I was the main DM.  In the college gaming club, I was the only DM.  I was comfortable in that role.  Not everyone is.

I suspect that amongst gamers that blog, more associate themselves as sitting behind the DM screen then across from it.  The urge to create, to share, even to control your own little universe - blogging allows one to fill those needs.

So, where do you sit?  DM?  Player?  Both?  Neither?

As an aside, I may be back behind the DM screen this sunday.  Damn.  Exciting and scary ;)


  1. Designer, then GM, then player.

    I spend more of my time playing with RPGs than I do playing them, and when I do play it's usually at GM.

  2. Except for the odd one-off every few years, I haven't been a player since the early '80's.

    I often think that it would be nice to play a character someone's campaign, but few people I play with are interested in running one and, to be honest, most of my satisfaction in gaming comes from designing worlds and adventures anyway.

  3. I consider myself both, because I have done each from the start about equally.

    I like to run games and to play in them. I use slightly different skills when I am a DM than when I am a player, but the streams cross most when I am acting in the role of an NPC.

  4. I have pretty much split my time evenly between the two. For the most part, I see myself as more a DM, though.

  5. I'm a DM, truthfully I'm a horrible player...


  6. Probably 60% DM, 40% player. I get a lot of satisfaction out of DM'ing, but playing is a fun break too. A lot of my creative needs are now being met with my new blog. :)

  7. I'm with Keith, I play with them more than I play them (well said, sir). I've done both over the years, Sometimes DMing is the only way to "play" certain settings, and the only way to experience homebrew creations. I have to admit, though, that when it comes to evaluating a new game, my first thing is characters. If the system doesn't generate characters I want to play, it's doomed.

  8. Player buy heart, but DM buy vote. My group of players will DM,but under protest. I think for the last 7-10 years-ish time span, i've only played in 3 campains. One lasted for about a year, but we only played a two dozen times or so. And the other two lasted only a few game nights...shigh...

  9. i think i'm doomed to be a GM (Game master, i don't like the word "dungeon master").

    but i long to be a player and feel the thrill of mystery that some game masters of the past made me feel.
    It's not always so beautiful to know pretty everything, when you have your throne behind the screen.

  10. I'm too much of a knowitall to not want to DM. I also find it the most entertaining place to experience the game.

    I was a little surprised to see the picture of my little homemade Referee's screen featured here! Wish I could find the darned thing, though...:)

  11. DM. I enjoy running a PC, but it just doesn't compare to running a campaign.

  12. I think I'm good at both, but I seem to prefer being a GM. But there are definitely times that I wish I could have more time as a player.

  13. DM 'cause those are my initials! Okay, f@#$%ing around, but I do prefer the GM's seat to the player's.
    That said, I've really been enjoying being a player recently, and it's good to experience things from the other side of the screen. It definitely benefits the GM/DM side.
    David M.

  14. I'd love to be a GM (JM in DJ parlance), but I won't be ready to run until April at the earliest.

  15. I've done about 80% GMing, 20% PCing.

    That's why I love going to GenCon so much, because I actually get to play...and, in particular, games/genres my group would never let me do here.

  16. So, yeah... better late than never.

    I'm usually a pretty decent player,and have had a lot of fun as a PC. I usually play a cleric, for whatever reason.

    However, I'm much more likely to be a GM than a PC. As you said, a lot of it has to do with the creative process. I *like* telling the story.

    It's not so much "dance, my pretties!" as it is interest in making worlds that we all will remember, and precipitating incidents that will become the stuff of table lore and legend.

  17. DM all the way, If I don't do it no one else will. I don't think I could ever be a player now though, not after the things I have seen. 0_0


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