Saturday, February 25, 2012

Game Plan in Action - Prepping My Campaign Stewpot

Alright, I think I know what I plan on running in 4 to 6 weeks time via Google+ Hangout (possibly a VTT will be attached to that for whiteboard and dice rolling - I should have that all covered so players won't need to purchase a VTT license if I go that route).  QUERP seems to hit all the right spots of what I am looking for.  Level-less game design with a simple resolution system yet deep enough for campaign play (especially with the GM's Companion adding depth - I assume the Player's Companion and the Bestiary will only add more).  Going to aim for a fairly standard fantasy setting - with possible tweaks.

I plan on using the following source material:

QUERP (obviously) and the Companion books - the rules the players need can be explained in 10 minutes or less.  If they wanted to pick the core rules up they could, but I doubt it would be necessary.

The excellent Tome of Adventure Design from Frog God Games to assist in designing the adventures.  Gotta love the flavor.

The Toys For the Sandbox Series - But I'll need to twist these a bit, as the writer may be one of the players ;)

Christian's Loviatar Zine - in particular the Hex 000 series, which will be hitting 004 with the latest issue.

Barrowmaze - either in whole or in part.  The conversion should be easy as pie.

Always open for suggestions :)


  1. Way to support the OSR community! Every product you mentioned comes from this scene, I believe. And it's cool how you just grabbed a diverse set of things that you like and decided to mash it together! I'll eagerly await your campaign information. :)

  2. should be a blast! QUERP feels very Old School in design, and these are all products that I'd want to include in my campaign, no matter the system ;)

  3. Interesting. I am wondering why you feel the need for such a simplistic system. Granted I don't know much about QUERP. Why not use Labyrinth Lord, White Box, Swords n Wizardry or one of the other biggies.

    This is a play by video type game correct? Don't get me wrong I'm not criticizing your choice, just wondering what led to it. Are the players inexperienced? Sorry if I missed the answers previously, I just started following your blog recently.

  4. Valid questions D.

    If I were going to run a game using one of the clones, I'd go Adventurer Conqueror King System, as I like the tweaks and I think it handles high level play better then the others. I might wind up running 2 campaigns in the end, alternating weeks. If I go that route, ACKS would be it.

    I've been playing some open gaming on Wednesday nights and I've played D&D clones, Tunnels & Troll, Trollbabe and Everything Is Dolphins. It encouraged me to expand my horizons as far as gaming, and what is "OSR"

    OSR is not confined to a ruleset in my mind, but it's a style of play. QUERP supports the OSR style of play without a level system.

    As you can see from some of my recent posts, I like the idea of level-less systems, but most are so skill and point based that the learning curve is huge, or they are so simple they leave me unsatisfied.

    So I'm going with QUERP - unless someone can change my mind.

    A month or two after I have that up and running I'll probably add ACKS (the latest expansion should be in PDF form by then).

    Variety is the spice of life.

    Besides, I'm running a AD&D 1e game tomorrow night for a fund raiser. I still have my street cred yo! ;)

  5. Ahh. That explains a lot more. I guess I am not familiar with open gaming. I am assuming that is kind of just like a one shot adventure kind of deal. In that case I can see the benefits of such a system. I think I would miss the accomplishment of leveling. I guess I just am the type that needs a carrot dangled in front of me. Lol.

    I feel you about all the different systems. I just got into OSR after a long break from role playing. I've started with the ones I mentioned previously and I have found that I'm just starting to scratch the surface.

    I already am finding myself taking little bits and pieces of each. I think that may be one of the reasons I love these games. Flexibility!

  6. QUERP still has a carrot. You spend expo to increase stats, HP, defense, mana and the like. It's just smaller carrots more often ;)

  7. Erik, have you reviewed the Tome of Adventure Design somewhere? I was checking out your choices and noted that as a PDF it lists for $21, pretty steep for a PDF IMO. So, I was curious why you thought this was invaluable and if it was worth the price.

  8. Matt, I've got the Hard Cover and the PDF. I love it because I love tables (and it 300 pages of table richness).

    If you want ideas and hooks to get you started, it's all here. It's got four sections: Principles and starting points, monsters, dungeon design and non-dungeon adventure design.

    I believe the first 2 parts (and maybe the third) were originally published separately by Matt Finch (i'll need to check)

    As for the price of the PDF, it is steep. Regretfully, most of the Frog God PDFs are steep.

    The HC is a solid book.

  9. parts one and two are sold separate at frog god for 14 bucks each in softcover:


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