Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Sphincter Says What? Delving Into Apocalypse World

Alright.  I was told that Apocalypse World was the greatest thing since sliced bread - except that it is apparent to me that some asshole grabbed that loaf of sliced bread and squeezed the living shit out of it while it was still in it's Wonder Bread bag with twisty, put it back on the shelf and I bought it.

The best I can figure is I'm going to have to work real hard at getting to the meat in this nut of an RPG.  Want proof?  I'll give you proof (which, BTW, was read to me last night by the same guy that convinced me to buy it last week.  I literally pulled the trigger an hour before game time last night):

The rules for moves is to do it, do it.  In order for it to be a move and for the player to roll dice, the character has to do something that counts as that move; and whenever the character does something that counts as a move, it's the move and the player rolls dice.

Oh my fucking God!  Who the hell thinks that a run on sentence that would make even a German cringe is a great way to introduce a game rule?  Even worse, a run on sentence that makes NO FUCKING SENSE!

I know EGG used to right some confusing shit back in the day, but this seems to be written to be confusing.  It's almost like the author feels that isn't being cool unless he's writing like a fucktard.

There, I feel better.  I needed to vent.  I'm sure the rest of this PDF isn't going to be as annoying to read, 'cause if it is, Feltothraxis is going to be treating this a whole lot worse then he did Vornheim.  And yes, I ordered the dead tree / PDF combo.  I expect to find some redeeming qualities soon in this purchase, even if it means having a dragon puppet do bodily functions that puppets just aren't meant to do ;)


  1. I struggled to get Apocalypse World only to find that the "meat" as you put it, is actually in the player packets.

    Download those, and then reference the rules as a sort of elaboration. Good stuff.

  2. @koboldstyle - I hope the writing is tighter, because writing rules in circles like its an in joke isn't much fun for the readers.

    @keith - I think this time it's nuts ;)

  3. I think that little snippet of rules shows that no one should write while stoned.

  4. I think the intent is to avoid relying on game terms to move the action forwards. Meaning if you want to "Act Under Fire" just do stuff that fits the criteria for Acting Under Fire.

    The text is trying to discourage players saying the old "I want to roll to persuade him" or "I want to roll to hit".

    ... Ithink.

    I love the game but agree that paragraph was confusingly worded...



  5. Thing is, that's not a game rule as you are thinking it. It's more of an ethos, like a how to play guide, not a hard ruling. And yeah I was a bit confused when I first read that. But then during my first game, within the opening scene it suddenly clicked and it made perfect sense.


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