Saturday, January 7, 2012

What Do PCs Do When They Get Sick?

This thought often occurs to me when some virus or flu knocks me for a loop. PCs frequent cold, dank dungeons, sleep on floors, eat trail rations, horrid sanitary conditions and drink from water sources that may be less then fresh.

And yet I've yet to see a cleric spell that addresses illness. Wounds, diseases, blindness, lost limbs, even lost minds and the raising of the dead - yes. A cure for the common shits, flu, cold, rash, fever, etc - nada.

If I had to adventure the way I currently feel, the party would be dragging dead weight.

I wouldn't be in this soft, warm bed milking it for all it's worth, either ;)


  1. Diarrhea for the win! Nothing can ruin combat / sneaking / audience with an emperor of space empire like loose shit!

  2. If it only didn't hurt to laugh! Priceless. ;)

  3. Hmm, not sure I would want my game that realistic. "Okay you failed you saving throw vs. diarrhea, roll a d10 to see big of a mess you've made. Ouch, a 10. I'm afraid those in the adjacent square receive friendly fire."


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