Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Word To My Would Be Spammers

In December, I opened posting on my blog to Anonymous posters.  Almost immediately, spammers attempted to add comments to random blog posts here at the Tavern.

Since then, the score is Blogger's Spam Blocker 159, Successful Spam posts 0, as in Nada, Zero, Zilch.

You can continue to piss into the wind, but all you will get is wet feet.  Or you can go play somewhere else.

During the same time I think I've had 3 false positives that the spam filter wrongly caught and I had to approve.  Overall, I'm very happy with the numbers.

So, to summarize - Spammers, go fuck yourselves!     ;P


  1. I amm being a Nigeria general and there are many prepositions for us to iscuss.


    Good work to the spam filter, I guess. I find that the Wordpress filter has had one false-positive and a bunch of false-negatives. It's a lot better than nothing though.

  2. i think i had 10 attempts in the 18 months prior to opening up to anonymous commenting.

    159 in less then 4 weeks. stopped at the door. god work google


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