Friday, July 1, 2011

Found Some More Free Mapping Resources

Somehow, someway I stumbled across the blog grandexperiement over at LiveJournal.  I must have read the link on someone else's blog, clicked it, left it on my iPad and restumbled across it this morning.  Therein I found links to two nice mapping applications, the first tile based.

Pymapper looks to be an easy to learn, tile based mapper.  I don't ask for much, but this looks like it might deliver.

The other is ditzie.  It is web hosted, so your choice of OS shouldn't matter.  This seems ideal for PbP games, as the map can be updated online.  Pretty cool.

Adding the above to the map resources on the left...


  1. You are unto me like a god.

    These mapping tools are great, and just what I needed for this weekend.

  2. @mike - those that can, do. those that can't, find tools for those that can

    pymaper looks really nice, just haven't figured how to get it working on my mac. i hate booting my pc these days ;)

  3. While not willing to acknowledge your divine status, I am willing to say you might be a demigod of all things free. I'm a big fan of Tenkar's Treasure Trove!


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