Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Overlooked Blogs Collection - @Padre's

It's been a long time since I've done an overlooked blog post, and it's way overdue.  In any case, this overlooked blog post is for @Padre's.  You might remember Padre from the blog Grievous Injury, which I inadvertently help implode (well, Blogger's paid service for domain names imploded it, but I led Padre to the path ;)

Padre is an old school gamer in the true sense - the man plays DragonQuest.  Now, my personal experience with DragonQuest is limited - I own a copy of the second edition that I traded WEG's Junta for, and promptly filled it away with a bunch load of other RPG's from the era that I never got around to playing.  Still, Old School Gaming is similar in flavor no matter the system one uses.

Padre is not a shyte stirrer.  He actually thinks before he posts, go figure... heh.  I have a few things I can learn from the man myself it seems.

@Padre's is a new blog, but it's own old blog in truth.

Tell Padre I said hello :)

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  1. Hey hey Tenkar, thanks for the publicity of the new blog. I still own the original version of Dragonquest and I am working on an on-line presentation of the 2nd Edition Rules. The game I currently play is something of a Frankenstein monstrosity with more borrowed bits and stolen ideas from 20+ years of reading materials published for other games (Mainly D &D, Pallidium and Runequest). I was and remain a big fan of the OGL and all the good it did for the hobby with the 3.X edition of D &D. While I think 3.X is fairly cumbersome, I don’t think it ruined D & D in the way that some feel the 4th Edition has.
    The charm of the OSR and the games (and society) associated with is the comfort with simplicity and the reliance on imagination to fill in the void created by the absence of rules. By simplicity I don’t mean to imply that the game are in any way simple, they just don’t need nor look for rules to replace imagination. At the same time I don’t mind the complexity of many of the 3.X rules that make the game more detailed. Pick your flavor, I really don’t care what one likes as long as the enjoyment is there.
    My problem has always been a desire to continue to add more to the game in terms of content that is borrowed from other sources. I have tons of books waiting to surrender their treasures to be transformed into source material for Dragonquest. I guess I tend to fall victim to “more is better” in terms of choices and possibilities for the players and the gaming environment. Thanks for the compliment on my discretion, but I am a recovering smart @ss. More on that over on @ Padre’s.


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